What Is A Good Half Marathon Time?

What is a good half marathon time?

Once beginner runners have grown accustomed to running 5k and 10k easily, the next hurdle many runners will attempt is a half-marathon. However, because of the importance of goal setting … Read more

How To Train For A 10K Race

How to train for a 10K race

After completing a 5K successfully, a 10K race is a great target for any runner. The 10K requires a combination of endurance and speed, and training for this distance can … Read more

Can You Run A Marathon Without Eating?

Can you run a marathon without eating?

Serious athletes spend years planning, exercising, and preparing to run marathons. Running 26.2 miles puts tremendous strain on the body. Therefore, eating and hydrating sufficiently play a significant role before, … Read more

16 Best Treadmill Workout Apps

The Best Treadmill Workout Apps

Running on a treadmill can become boring fast. One of the main arguments for running outside is that the alternative – using a treadmill – can get repetitive, which can … Read more

Boa Running Shorts Review

Boa running shorts review

Looking for the perfect pair of running shorts? Boa Running Shorts has got you covered! Wearing shorts while running offers freedom while you stride and keeps you cool in warmer … Read more

Trail vs Road Running Shoes

Trail vs Road Running Shoes

Running shoes come in a variety of not just styles and makes, but also types. While the most commonly used type is road running shoes, trail running shoes are also … Read more

How To Pace A 10K Run

How to pace a 10k run

The 10K distance is ideal for many competitive runners: at 6.2 miles, it is double the distance of a 5K but less than half the distance of a half marathon. … Read more

VO2 Max Calculator

Below we have a simple VO2 Max calculator that will give you a baseline reading of your current VO2 Max capacity. This is a useful measure of cardiorespiratory fitness and … Read more