What Are Compression Shorts Good For?

Wondering, “what are compression shorts good for“? You might have seen runners rocking them at your local club, or cyclists on the road wearing these skintight shorts. Compression shorts are similar to spandex type shorts. They are a stretchy and form fitting material that creates compression in the area covered by the shorts, mainly thighs, … Read more

Training Pace Calculator

To be a successful injury-free runner, you need to know your optimal training paces. If you are a beginner runner, or somebody who only has one pace – (“as fast as possible!“) – there are many reasons why you would want to integrate different speeds and intensities in to your training regime. The most important … Read more

How To Pace A 5K Run

The 5K is one of the most popular race distances in the running world. It’s also one of the most challenging to pace. The 5km distance brings together runners from a variety of different fields. It’s the meeting point where you’ll find 1500m and 3000m runners (the speed merchants) – as well as those who … Read more

Why Is My Heart Rate High On Easy Runs?

why is my heart rate high on easy runs?

You’ve set off at a slow pace and you’re breathing comfortably. You complete a nice 5K in a relaxed time and your body feels like it could go again. But wait… you check your Strava data, and something doesn’t look quite right. “Why is my heart rate high on easy runs?” If you see an … Read more

The Best Sugoi Bike Shorts Compared

Sugoi is one of several brands to offer specialist apparel to cyclists and triathlon athletes. It has built a reputation over the years for great quality products with excellent functionality. Sugoi bike shorts are by far their most popular product line. In fact, bike shorts are the product that made Sugoi famous. Way back in … Read more

What Are Weighted Vests Good For?

Weighted vests are specialized fitness garments worn over the upper torso. They are typically used for strength training, particularly when doing high-intensity workouts like CrossFit, circuit training, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The weights inside of the vest are used to increase the overall weight that a person’s body must carry and/or lift during an … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Improve a 5K Time?

As the popularity of running continues to see exponential growth, a certain little question has begun to find its way into our general conversations: What is your 5k PB? For some, the 5k represents the top of the physical activity mountain, where reaching the distance in one piece is the goal. For others, it can … Read more

VO2 Max Calculator

Below we have a simple VO2 Max calculator that will give you a baseline reading of your current VO2 Max capacity. We also have tables showing an estimated fitness level based on your age and the VO2 Max reading. VO2 Max Calculator VO2Max Fitness Scores For Men By Age Here we have male fitness levels … Read more

Pace Charts

Below you will find our pace charts for five of the most common race lengths: 5k 10k 10 mile Half marathon Marathon The idea is that by studying the required pace (in min / km or min / mile), you can predict a target finish time based on your current ability. Pace charts are useful … Read more