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For many new runners, the 10K is the perfect race distance. It’s long enough to provide a serious test of your conditioning, but not so long that the finish line feels out of reach. Taking roughly an hour to complete (at beginner standard), the 10K requires an element of pacing and running within one’s self. It’s not a sprint, but it’s certainly not a dawdle either!

I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days.

Ronald Rook

10K For Beginners

10K Training 101: How to Complete Your First 10K

Training for your first 10K? Good decision! It’s one of the world’s most popular race distances, with the best performers exhibiting a fine balance of endurance and speed.

Our 10K training guide walks you through the process of running 10,000M. Get ready for your Race Day!

10K Pace Charts

Entering a 10K race and want to run a new personal best? Our 10K pace charts below show you the exact pace required to achieve your time. Don’t forget you can use our pace calculator to see a breakdown of the splits required:

10K Pace Chart (Miles)

Mile PaceFinish Time

10K Pace Chart (KM)

KM PaceFinish Time

Current Records

How does your pace compare to the world’s fastest 10K athletes?

Here are the current fastest 10K times:

Men’s Fastest 10K

Joshua Cheptegei is the current world-record holder for both the 5K and the 10K. The Ugandan set a time of 26:11 at the NN Valencia World Record Day in 2020.

Think you can keep up with Cheptegei? His 10K requires splits of 4:12 per mile, or 2:37 per km.

Women’s Fastest 10K

Letesenbet Gidey, of Ethiopia, is the current 10K world-record holder for women. She set a time of 29:01.03 in Hengelo, Netherlands in 2021.

Her time breaks down to 4:40 per mile, or 2:54 per KM.

Average 10K Times

Given that not many of us will be breaking these world records anytime soon, you might wonder how your 10K times compare to the global average.

Well, it depends on your age and gender.

The average 10K time for men is 55:37 and the average 5K time for women is 1:03:17.

Keep this in mind when setting your race targets!

10K Tips & FAQs

The 10K is a surprisingly tactical race. There are many ways to knock off those 10,000 meters. You can run negative splits to bring it home strong, or keep it steady with an even pace throughout. Or you can follow the tried-and-tested beginner strategy of blowing up in the first 3K and crawling over the finish line in a world of pain. 😉 See our best 10K training tips and guides to prepare for your race:

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How to pace a 10k run

How To Pace A 10K Run

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Joshua Cheptegei after breaking the 5K world record

I’ve learned that anything is possible if you have the right mindset and believe.

Joshua Cheptegei, 10K world record holder
#1 Book For First Time 10K Runners
7 Weeks to a 10K: The Complete Day-by-Day Program

Follow the 7-week programs in this book and you’ll quickly gain the strength and stamina needed to complete any 10K—faster than you ever thought possible. More approachable than marathons but still impressive races, 10K runs are wildly popular. 7 Weeks to a 10K has everything you need to know about the balance of running speed and endurance.

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Running a 10K: The Facts and Figures

Learn How to Run A Faster 10K

For a novice runner, the idea of running consistently fast for close to an hour can be intimidating. But the reality is that with a good training plan, and a hearty dose of Race Day Adrenaline, anything is possible. Want to run your best 10K? Our guides below will help you: get in shape, fuel the body well, and avoid injuries.


The 10K requires both speed and endurance. Work hard to get in shape and your times will naturally tumble.

Nutrition for runners

You’ll need to tap in to your energy stores for a successful 10K run, which is why diet and nutrition is key.

injury AND Recovery

A 10K training plan is thrown in to disarray if you hit injury or burnout. Here’s how to deal with both: