Full Body Massage Mats: Are They Worth It?

Full-body massage mats are all the rage nowadays. Most full-body massage mats simulate human massage and have many benefits. So, what are the pros and cons of these massage mats?

And are they really a suitable alternative to booking in with a masseuse or physio?

Full body massage mats are affordable mats that simulate human massage. It’s a useful recovery aid for relieving muscle tension in the back of your body. Unfortunately, these mats are not always safe for pregnant women and won’t cure the underlying cause of your pain. However, they can certainly alleviate some of the symptoms. 

Full body massage mats are perfect if you want to unwind after a long day, or after a particularly strenuous workout.

However, like most things, the hype comes with a few caveats. Let’s look at the pros and cons of full-body massage mats. 

The Pros Of Full Body Massage Mats

Are full body massage pads worth it?

An electric full-body massage mat uses vibration massage through nine to 12 motors that rotate and vibrate over your muscles. This helps to release any stiff muscles.

There are many benefits to investing in a full body massage mat, such as easing back and neck pain, increasing blood flow, and the different massage modes that make for a relaxing and soothing experience.

They offer a more generalised massage than percussive massage guns (which are currently all the rage!)

Let’s look at the benefits of using a full-body massage mat. 

It Simulates Human Massage

Full body massage mats offer a massage from shoulders, neck, upper to lower back to leg for full-body relaxation. They usually have a variety of intensity levels and massage modes which can relieve muscle stiffness.

Massage is known to have a variety of benefits.

According to Mayo Clinic, massage can help you relax and reduce stress. Most of us knew this already but it is also a great tool for pain reduction and muscle tension. Getting a massage can improve your circulation and help with low energy.

Massage can lower your blood pressure and heart rate while improving your immune function. 

It Relieves Neck And Back Pain

Massage relieves neck and back pain temporarily. It is known to reduce chronic back pain and improve function. Since the massage mat simulates human massage, it may alleviate your existing pain and may prevent pain in the future. 

The massage mat will also help you relax, which may help with the pain you experience in your neck or back since neck pain can also be brought on by stress.

You Can Easily Operate The Mat

A full body massage mat is operated by a hand controller, making it easy to switch between modes. Another great feature is that most massage mats switch off when the temperature gets too high. Most mats also shut off after 30 minutes, making it safe if you fall asleep.

But ensure that you check whether the mat has this function before purchasing it!

It’s Easy To Carry

Most full-body massage mats are flexible and foldable, so you can easily take them wherever you go. It is suitable for your bed, couch, chair, etc.

If you are travelling to an event, they can be folded down and packed in the car easily.

Massage Increases Blood Flow

Massages are known to increase blood flow throughout your body. The pressure makes new blood flow into congested areas. So, a full body massage mat, since it simulates body massage, will help to increase blood flow. 

Full Body Massage Mats Are Safe To Use

Even though some mats have heat options, they will generally automatically shut off when the temperature gets too high. However, be sure to check that the mat you purchase does indeed have that feature. 

It’s Affordable 

You can buy a new full-body massage mat for around $90. So, it’s quite affordable and a great investment when you compare it to the hourly cost of hiring a masseuse.

However, if we had to choose, we’d always take a professional massage over a full body mat.

Some Mats Have Memory Foam Padding 

Some full-body massage mats have memory foam and high-density padding that provide superior comfort. This is particularly useful if you are going to be using the mat on hard flooring.

It Has Vibration and Heat Options

Most mats have different vibration and heat options for a full-body soothing massage. This will help soothe tense muscles in the back of your body. Heat is an effective way to alleviate muscle pain, and it can be used as a recovery aid between workouts, which is certainly a cheaper option than a visit to the sauna!

It Helps You Relax

As you’d expect.

Full body massage mats have multiple modes and heating options. Massaging the muscles using this mat will help you relax and may prevent muscle stiffness or tension.

It’s Accessible 

The full-body massage mat makes it easy to access a good massage at just a push of a button in the comfort of your own home. 

The reason many athletes choose to use these devices is obvious: it provides a massage on demand. No having to leave the house, or convince the spouse for a rub down!

It Increases Your Sleep Quality

A massage reduces stress by increasing serotonin and dopamine, which helps stabilize your mood. It decreases cortisol and promotes relaxation. Because of this, your quality of sleep may improve when using a full body massage mat regularly. 

Try using the mat before bed and then tracking your sleep to see if you note a difference.

The Cons Of Full Body Massage Mats

Woman on a full body massage mat

There are some disadvantages to using full-body massage mats. It’s important to know that it’s not safe for people with certain chronic illnesses and that it won’t magically cure your pain.

Let’s look at the cons of full-body massage mats.

You Need To Consult A Doctor Before Use During Pregnancy

There are some concerns regarding acupressure and vibrational mats or chairs during pregnancy. It is said that acupressure may trigger early labor and that the vibrations of the mat or chair can also harm your baby.

However, according to experts, acupressure might be good for your pregnancy, and the vibration is too mild to harm your baby.

It’s best to consult a doctor before buying a full-body massage mat to be safe, especially if you’re in your late second and third trimester.

It Won’t Cure Your Pain

Sadly these tools can’t deliver on the hype of curing long-term chronic paid.

Massage mats may temporarily aid pain relief, but they won’t magically cure your pain. Knowing the cause of your pain is important, so going to a medical doctor is vital. Otherwise, the massage mat will only treat your symptoms, not the cause. If you have any chronic illnesses, you must ensure that it is safe to use the massage mat. 

It May Not Be Safe If You Have A Chronic Illness

You need to consult your medical doctor before purchasing a full body massage mat if you have any chronic medical illness. Usually, massages are inappropriate for people who:

  • Have a history of blood clots
  • Take medication for blood clots, like blood thinners.
  • Have diabetes since a massage can affect insulin injection.
  • Have acute inflammation.
  • Have cancer.
  • Have broken bones. 
  • Have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. 
  • Have burns or open wounds, since a message may affect the healing process by reopening the wound. 
  • Have a fever because the circulation may worsen the infection and increase the severity.

5 Best Full Body Massage Mats

You can buy full-body massage mats at some decent prices. Here are some of the best full-body massage mats that we’ve seen praise for:

The Snorlax Massage Mat

This Snorlax mat has ten vibrating motors and four selective zones that focus on specific parts of your body, such as the upper back, lower back, thighs, and calves. It also has a heat option that targets these areas to improve blood circulation and release muscle tension. The mat is foldable, easily operated, and made with soft plush fabric.

Comfier Full Body Massage Mat

This full-body massage mat from Comfier has ten vibration motors and two heating pads. The mat comes with five massage modes and three levels of intensity. The mat is foldable and made with soft plush fabric.

Full Body Vibrating Massage Pad 

This fully vibrating mat comes with a detachable Shiatsu neck massage pillow. It goes from the back and shoulders to the legs. The pillow has 20 massager heads; you can use it for any body part if you wish. 

The massage pad offers a full-body vibrating massage with ten vibration motors and nine levels of intensities. It has one heating pad for your lower back. The mat is made with super soft plush material for maximum comfort.

Belmint Full Body Massage Mat

This affordable mat from Belmint has ten vibrating massage motors, four massage zones, and a heating pad for your back to provide mild heat, preventing overheating for safe use. It features five massage modes and three levels of intensities. 

You can easily fold the mat and take it wherever you go. The mat is also easy to operate and is made with comfortable foam with a smooth polyester finish.

Shiatsu Full Body Massage Mat

This Shiatsu full-body mat has ten vibrating massage motors and four rotation nodes. The movable heating pad can be used for any part of your body to alleviate muscle tension and help you relax. It comes with three programmed modes you can choose from.

This Shiatsu mat is easily foldable and portable. It’s more expensive than the others, but a great investment as a DIY recovery aid.

Our Verdict On Massage Mats

Full body massage mats have so many benefits that we’re surprised they’re not widespread.

The best mats are great for relieving your muscle tension and promoting relaxation. They offer vibration and heat options to target your neck, shoulders, back, and legs. 

However, if you have any chronic illnesses, you must ask your medical doctor if using a vibrating full-body massage mat is safe.

Remember, these mats can’t cure chronic pain, but they may alleviate the symptoms.

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