FuelBelt Review: #1 For Hydration and Storage on the Move?

If you are a runner, you know the importance of staying hydrated, especially when running long distances or in hot weather conditions. But carrying a few water bottles with you is tedious.

That is why The FuelBelt was created, to help runners stay hydrated and comfortable while on the move.

Several different FuelBelt products are available for runners, each with its own benefit and unique selling feature. Along with this, FuelBelt has many popular accessories that you may wish to consider.

About FuelBelt

FuelBelt review

Two runners looking for a better way to carry water and stay hydrated while on the move invented the FuelBelt.

They wanted an ergonomic design that would be comfortable to wear and not bounce or chafe while running. TheFuelBelt is neoprene, a soft, durable material that is comfortable to wear.

The FuelBelt has several different pockets and compartments to hold water bottles, gels, keys, and other small items. The belt also has reflective strips for safety (you’ll be visible to all passing vehicles or pedestrians) and is adjustable to fit any waist size, making it very user-friendly.

Considerations to Make Before Purchasing A FuelBelt

FuelBelt offers a small range of versatile products designed for all runners.


Their belts are all lightweight; however, one model is lighter than the others. Another is light simply because it is for one water bottle rather than two). We detail these in the section below.

With that said, it is important to note if you’re particularly sensitive to weight or how much water you’d like to have with you on your run.

Design and Fit

FuelBelt has two unisex designs, as well as one women’s and one men’s; the differences between the sizing of the women’s and men’s is primarily that the women’s belt is a bit smaller than the men’s as it’s supposed to fir females securely and vice versa.

Water Bottles

FuelBelt has two sizes of water bottles available; 10oz and 16oz. All of their bottles are BPA-free and can go on the top rack of your dishwasher. They are easy to open and handle.


FuelBelt also has an add-on accessory group of products great if you’re looking to enhance your hydration belt and get the most out of it! From Fuel Loops to Race Locks and handheld Water Bottles, there are plenty of extras to add to your order.


Finally, FuelBelt’s products are all extremely budget-friendly, except for one belt being slightly cheaper, all of their belts cost the same. Even if you’re looking to acquire several products, you won’t have to break the bank!

The cost is in line with the similar Amphipod running belts – another good option for runners!

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FuelBelt Products

The FuelBelt website offers many types of belts, each with its own features and benefits. FuelBelts provide runners with a lightweight, hands-free option to carry water bottles on runs and some storage space for essential personal items.

Here are a few models of the FuelBelt:

The Uno Belt

uno training unisex belt isolated on white background

This lightweight, unisex belt features a holder for a 16oz, BPA-free water bottle (sold separately), and Helium Hex airflow technology. As the name suggests, you can only secure one water bottle to this belt, so it is ideal for shorter runs.

The zippered enclosure provides storage space to fit your wallet, keys, or even your smartphone while you run!

The Ergo Belt-Men’s

ergo mens training belt isolated on white background

The Ergo Belt is an ergonomically advanced choice; of all the options in the collection, this one offers the most storage space.

The belt will allow for ample airflow while being worn, so even when you break a sweat, you’ll be able to stay cool and comfortable. The quick access holsters will allow you to reach for one–or both–of your water bottles.

To allow for the best fit possible, this Ergo Belt is designed for men. See details on the women’s option below!

The Ergo Belt-Women’s

ergo training belt for women isolated on white background

This is the women’s specific design of the Ergo Belt. Just like the men’s option, it allows for greater airflow and lessens uncomfortable pressure points when wearing; this is a lightweight, adjustable option for female runners.

The quick access holsters provide easy access to water bottles without taking off your belt or removing any other layers, so you can keep drinking while you’re on the go. And, it’s available in black, or pink.

The Ultralight Belt

ultralight belt for training isolated on white background

You might have already guessed: this is the lightest hydration belt available at FuelBelt; it’s also slightly less expensive than the others. This unisex design is simplistic and designed to fit all runners, no matter your age, shape, or size.

You can purchase several different products through The FuelBelt website, either instead of or in addition to your FuelBelt, including:

Ergo Bottle

ergo bottle for training isolated on white background

This 2-pack of 10oz Ultralight bottles features an ergonomic comfort grip design and is BPA-free. It fits into any FuelBelt, and each bottle holds 10oz of water, making them ideal for shorter runs.

Ultralight Bottle

ultralight bottle for training isolated on white background

This 2-pack of 10oz Ultralight bottles features a comfortable grip design and is BPA-free. It fits into any FuelBelt, and each bottle holds 10oz of water, making them ideal for shorter runs.

Fuel Loops

fuel loops for training isolated on white background

If you’re a runner who brings gel packs on their outings and races, you’ll want to add a Fuel Loop to your purchase; they are compatible with any FuelBelt.

For a small cost, you can customize your belt with this extremely light accessory to hold four gel packs while you run, and you won’t have to sacrifice storage space!

Race Locks

fuelbelt race locks isolated on white background

To customize your belt, these quick-release locks are a worthwhile add-on. And, they’re reflective, meaning this is a simple way to ensure you’re even more visible to passing traffic while you run!

Ultralight Closure

fuelbelt ultralight closure for training isolated on white background

By adding a closure pouch to your belt, you’ll be able to store keys and a few credit cards with ease. Knowing your items are secure while you run is imperative. The Ultralight closure features Helium Hex airflow technology and will keep you cool; it’s water-resistant and fits all belts.

If hydration belts aren’t what you’re looking for, FuelBelt also offers handheld options for water, and storage, while you run. Be sure to check out their other products, such as:

The Fuel Pack

fuel pack hand held bottle isolated on white background

The Fuel Pack is a handheld pack that lets you securely store a 10oz water bottle and a few small personal items in separate pouches, such as your keys, a credit card, and headphones.

The Enduro Fuel

enduro fuel bottle isolated on white background

This insulated bottle holder can insulate and secure your 16oz, BPA-free contour bottle. The hand strap conforms to your hand, so you can grip it with ease, and there are two pockets on the side of the sleeve for storage.

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Final Thoughts on the FuelBelt

If you are looking for a way to stay hydrated while running, then The FuelBelt is a great option.

With different products to choose from and many add-ons accessories available, you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

Overall, every product has its benefits and useful features. For beginners, or anyone looking to get started with a hydration belt, The Uno Belt is a great choice.

While it costs the same as either of the Ergo belts, it allows phone storage while having space for one 16oz water bottle: the perfect, lightweight belt for any (unisex) runner.

Stay hydrated and comfortable while running with The FuelBelt!

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