illumiNITE review: #1 For Reflective Running Gear?

Staying safe while running or walking outdoors at night is a top priority for many people, for a good reason. It’s important to stay visible, especially in low light, whether it’s in the evening, at night, or in the early morning at dawn.

That’s why reflective clothing and accessories are so popular, and illumiNITE is one of the leading brands for quality, comfortable reflective gear that allows you to be visible and give a lot of variety.

In this illumiNITE review, we look at how the company’s products work, what it offers, and some of its most popular gear. We also provide some delivery and return information to help you decide whether illumiNITE reflective running gear is right for you.

How Does illumiNITE Gear Work?

Illuminite review reflective running gear

So how does illumiNITE’s reflective gear work? The short answer is that it uses light-reflective fabric and materials to make you more visible in low-light conditions.

But the extended answer is a bit more interesting: when light hits an object, it bounces off in all directions.

Reflections occur when some of that light is sent back in the direction it came from. illumiNITE’s retro-reflective technology works by capturing light from millions of microscopic glass beads printed in their textiles. These beads act as mirrors to reflect light directly back to its source–whether it’s a car headlight or a streetlight, for example–thus making you visible to everyone in your surroundings.

This type of reflective running gear is particularly useful if you are an avid runner through the cold, dark winter months.

What Types of Products Does illumiNITE Offer?

illumiNITE offers a wide range of reflective gear for both men and women, and even dogs!

It includes running jackets and vests to hats, gloves, and even socks. And, because they use reflective fabric in all of their products, you can be sure that you are visible no matter what you’re wearing.

Whether you opt for bright colors during the day or neutral wear that enhances your everyday visibility, there are plenty of options for you. And reflective pet bandanas are the perfect way to make sure your pet is visible while outdoors with you.

Overall, illumiNITE’s products are comfortable and a great purchase for safety reasons or general use. Its prices are average for what you’d expect from an athletic-gear company. Don’t expect to find a bargain, but note that this gear is well worth the price for its high quality.

That said, illumiNITE often has sales and clearance items available. If you’re on a budget and looking to purchase some great reflective gear, it’s still worth a look.

And, if you aren’t ready to commit to full-out reflective gear just yet, illumiNITE offers a range of accessories–from socks to headbands and hats, to gloves–so you can at least ensure that parts of you are visible while outdoors!

women running in high jump outdoor

IllumiNITE Review – What Are The Most Popular Products?

Women’s Newport Reflective Running Vest

illuminite women newport reflective running vest

illumiNITE has vests for men and women in a variety of sizes and styles. This full-zip women’s Newport Reflective Running Vest is a lightweight vest perfect for running or walking in low light and layering with sweaters or undershirts. It is packable, a bonus if you want to wear the vest in cooler conditions.

It has reflective fabric on the front and back, so you’ll have 360-degrees of light-reflecting coverage, making you visible.

Colorado Men’s Waterproof Reflective Jacket

illuminite colorado mens waterproof reflective jacket

This jacket is perfect for everyday streetwear or for outdoor excursions–even when it’s raining! The Colorado jacket is vented for breathability and features waterproof nylon fabric and a reflective jacket silhouette.

It is available in a variety of sizes and falls at the hip level when worn in the appropriate size. You can wear it on its own as a light jacket, but it is generous enough to leave room for layering in cooler temperatures!

Reflective Unisex Half-Zip Anorak Jacket

illuminite reflective unisex half zip anorak jacket

This jacket is designed to fit anyone and is available in sizes from XS-2XL). The Anorak jacket has a reflective modern half-zip design that will help you remain visible whether running, hiking, or using the jacket for general streetwear. In daylight, it looks like a lightweight, windbreaker-style half-zip. At night, it illuminates under the light to keep you safe.

You can adjust the hood and wrist to help block the wind out, allowing optimal comfort while you exercise!

BRITEband Reflective Ear Warmer

illuminite briteband reflective ear warmer

The BRITEband can keep your ears warm (and even keep your hair out of your face) while you run, but it doubles as an entirely reflective piece of apparel that will ensure your safety.

The BRITEband can be used on its own to increase visibility or in combination with other illumiNITE products.

Cordura Reflective Dog Jacket

illuminite cordura reflective dog jacket isolated on white background

Available in a range of sizes that fit (most) breeds small and large, the reflective dog vests from illumiNITE are available in a variety of colors–they also make reflective leashes! Keeping your dog visible allows pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to be aware that you’ve got a furry friend by your side and can help avoid mishaps.

Your pooch can be comfortable, safe, and secure in a reflective vest; they are lined and feature a velcro chest strap (two straps for XL size).

Kids Fleecy Softshell Reflective Jacket

kids fleecy softshell reflective jacket isolated on white background

Keep your little ones safe and visible in this fleecy, warm, and reflective jacket! Whether they’re running with you, out for a hike, or playing in the yard, ensuring your child is visible to others is a great preventative safety measure.

This jacket is available in graphite gray or pink and is reflective at all angles. Sizes range from small to large; typically, these jackets fit children between ages 3 and 8!

illumiNITE Ordering Information

If you’re looking to order some reflective gear for you and your loved ones, visit illumiNITE today and follow their simple and secure ordering process.

Delivery is free (standard shipping) on domestic (US) orders over $40.00; illumiNITE also ships internationally. Please note that for all orders, the buyer will be responsible for any customs and clearance fees, duties, GST, VAT, and other taxes depending on the country you’re in!

If you’re unsatisfied with your order, returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase. However, please note that your items must be unworn and in new condition for a refund to be processed. Clearance items may be returned (unless ‘Final Sale’ is mentioned on receipt). You will get back the discounted sticker price.

During holiday seasons, return and exchange time frames are expanded to accommodate gift receipts!

athlete runner running on road during night time

Final Thoughts on illumiNITE

If you’re looking for a way to stay safe while running or walking outdoors, illumiNITE is worth checking out.

Their products are priced decently (based on standard prices for high-quality reflective gear) and are overall affordable, great options for runners. For more budget-friendly options, they often have sales and clearance items. They also offer accessories for those who opt not to wear full reflective gear.

illumiNITE works by using light-reflective fabric; specifically, theirs is a technology that “captures the dynamic brilliance of millions of microscopic satellite dishes”. These particles act as mirrors, so when any light from a car passing by or a streetlight hits it, it bounces off your reflective gear and returns to its source.

Wearing reflective gear is a safe option for running, hiking, and neighborhood strolls, especially after dark. Wearing reflective gear is a preventative measure to ensure safety and avoid mishaps.

illumiNITE offers a wide range of reflective gear for unisex adults, men, women, children, and pets. This includes everything from running jackets and vests to hats, gloves, and even leashes and dog vests.

Keeping your whole family safe and visible is easy with illumiNITE’s expansive range of products that offer 360-degree visibility and reflectiveness.

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