About Revel Sports

This blog is all about beating your best.

We love fitness, personal development and all things running related.

Our blog acts as a collection of the best performance boosting tips we’ve found, the best fitness apparel and gear, as well as various calculators and charts you can use to plan your next race.

Our Contributors

Alex is the editor at Revel Sports. It was his idea to take our post-club-run chats and build a website out of them. He is responsible for dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s when any of us have something to post. (Basically: it’s all his fault). A ferocious 5K powerhouse on his day, Alex is known for not understanding the meaning of the term ‘negative split‘.
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Esme is a frequent contributor who manages to stay much more neutral on these pages than she ever manages after a glass of wine at club night. She is a 5K-10K specialist, albeit one with over twenty half-marathons under her belt. Esme divides her time between a busy career, two kids, yoga, pilates AND a busy race schedule.
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Michael is a frequent contributor, which is a miracle to us as he quite literally runs for days with the rest of his time. An ultra marathon specialist, Mike is the kind of guy who posts a 30K Morning Run on Strava before we’ve had our breakfast and prefixes it with the smart-assery: “Guess I wasn’t feeling it today.” He runs like he writes: slow with bits flying everywhere.
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We Love To Run

We should say first and foremost that we love to run. We hate it when other people call running a ‘hobby’, as this implies it’s nothing more than something you do in your spare time. The word ‘passion’ is much more appropriate.

But what really makes us passionate about running? Well, it all boils down to the camaraderie with fellow runners.

We love the sense of community, and how it is really easy to make friends when running. The type of friendship you form on the run is different from any other (it’s more like a brotherhood/sisterhood). Running with someone else is one of the most uplifting experiences, and the community is almost universally positive.

We Love Performance Hacking

About Revel Sports

Another of our passions – and the reason we banded together to launch this site – is because we love the thrill of chasing performance gains.

Or performance hacking, if you will.

It’s addictive, isn’t it?

The thrill of a new personal best, the adrenaline of standing on the starting line and preparing a new strategy for a new race.

As much as we love taking part in the community, we’re intensely passionate about being the best we possibly can be when the starting gun (or whistle!) fires.

On the Revel Sports blog we’ll be sharing all of our favorite tips, training drills and hacks for getting the best out of ourselves. And we hope that the information will apply to all fitness fanatics in multiple sports – or indeed anybody who wants to lead an active lifestyle.

We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to speak to our team!