YakTrax Traction Cleats Review: 6 Models Compared

If you live in an area that experiences a fair amount of snow and ice during the winter months, you know how difficult it can be to get around.

Slipping and falling on icy sidewalks and roads is not only dangerous, but it can also be quite painful. That’s where the Yaktrax Traction Cleats come in!

Yaktrax is a company that specializes in making traction devices that can be attached to your shoes or boots, giving you better grip and stability on slippery surfaces. This means less potential for injuries and mishaps and more stability outdoors, even in very icy conditions.

Yaktrax Traction Cleats Review on RevelSports

Why YakTrax?

YakTrax is a company born in the Himalayas and inspired by the yak, a large-but-graceful animal that moves with ease through icy and snowy conditions in the mountains. It has become a globally recognized brand and offers different cleats for different conditions and needs at affordable prices.

The most popular of YakTrax’s product line is their traction cleats – which we’ll be looking at below.

To learn more about hiking and running in the winter, check out our guide to winter training.

young couple running outdoor on road during winter

What Are the Different Types of YakTrax Cleats?

There are three different types of Yaktrax cleats: Walk, Run, and Pro, and there are additional specialist cleats available for unique terrain, too.

Here are a detailed overview, review, and details about each option:

YakTrax Walk

yaktrax walk traction cleats for snow and ice

Yaktrax Walk Review

The Yaktrax Walk traction cleats are the company’s most basic model and are perfect for walking in snowy and icy conditions. It consists of a strap that goes over the top of your shoe and is easy to secure (even on small or large feet) and rust-proof spikes on the bottom that provide traction.

The Yaktrax Walk ice traction cleat has a built-in heel tab that makes it easy to put on and take off and an adjustable velcro strap that ensures a secure fit. This design is very affordable and easy to use. Just slip it over your shoe, and you’re good to go!


The Yaktrax Walk is a great option for anyone who wants an affordable way to improve traction on slippery surfaces and enjoy walks even in slippery or mildly hazardous conditions. It’s also easy to use and comes with a storage pouch.


One potential drawback of the Yaktrax Walk is that its spikes might not be long enough to provide optimal traction in all conditions. You should only use these cleats for traction needs during walks and outings and not for intense terrain hikes or runs.

YakTrax Run

yaktrax run traction cleats for running on snow and ice

Yaktrax Run Review

Yaktrax Run traction cleats are designed for runners specifically (not just those who want to enjoy walking excursions) who want a little extra traction while out on the road or trail.

The Run attaches to your running shoe with a Velcro strap and has longer spikes than the Walk model to provide better traction and grip on slippery surfaces. When it’s snowing and the roads are icy, you won’t have to miss out on your training. This winter traction device is a bit more costly than the walk but still relatively affordable and easy to use.


The Yaktrax Run is a great option for runners who want extra traction in slippery conditions; you won’t have to sacrifice your runs in the winter months. It’s still relatively affordable and easy to use and comes with a storage pouch.


One potential drawback of the Yaktrax Run is that its spikes might not be long enough to provide optimal traction in all winter conditions, although the Run is more durable and flexible than the Walk design, depending on the amount of snow and ice you’re faced with, you may want to upgrade to the Pro design.

YakTrax Pro

yaktrax pro traction cleats for snow and ice

Yaktrax Pro Review

Yaktrax Pro traction cleats are an advanced model. They consist of a metal coil that wraps around your shoe and spikes on the bottom that provide traction. This design is very durable and provides excellent traction.

However, the YakTrax Pro traction cleat is metal, so it can be quite heavy and may not be suitable for all activities. It’s ideal for use in more treacherous conditions and fits well over a hiking boot or winter boot.


The Yaktrax Pro is a great option for those looking for stability and traction in very slippery weather conditions. The Pro is affordable and available in multiple sizes to ensure you can find the perfect fit to go over your boots.


One potential drawback of the Yaktrax Pro is that it is metal, which makes it quite heavy. Another is that the strap and sizing appear to be based on shoe size rather than a bulkier boot. Even if you order your accurate shoe size, note that depending on the size of the boot you hope to attach it to, it may not stretch well and could be too snug.

Yaktrax Diamond Grip

yaktrax diamond grip all surface traction cleats

Yaktrax Diamond Grip Review

The Yaktrax Diamond Grip is a great option for those who need an extremely reliable amount of traction on icy surfaces. It’s available in several sizes and made of metal and steel alloy beads, so it’s very durable and provides excellent traction. The thick rubber is also waterproof and won’t lose its hold, even in damp, icy, or freezing conditions.


The Diamond Grip is a great design and affordable option if you’re looking to transition between terrain – dirt, gravel, mud, ice, snow, pavement – these cleats attach to your boots comfortably and allow you to comfortably walk and run wherever you’d like and in any condition.


Although these are good for extra traction when transitioning between surfaces, proceed with caution if doing so on concrete, especially on tiled floors or hardwood. For example, if you were to wear these in an enclosed area of your home-perhaps a mudroom or garage- there is a chance they could damage your flooring.

Yaktrax Summit

yaktrax summit heavy duty traction cleats isolated on white background

Yaktrax Summit Review

The Yaktrax Summit is a heavy-duty option for hikers facing conditions such as extreme ice and rough terrain. The Summit–made of quality metal, alloy steel, and rubber, much like the other designs – is made for maximum traction and can be secured with ease around your hiking books.

These are surprisingly lightweight for their size and make treks around uneven and icy terrains much safer overall. You’ll have a restored sense of balance and confidence in your stride while you hike with the Summit cleats.


The velcro design and flexible, durable rubber make these extremely easy to put on and remove from your boots for all of your winter excursions. The triangular spikes grip many surfaces, including pure ice (perfect for ice fishing or deep forest hikes in the winter). They are pricey but still under $100.00.


Similar to other designs, some report that the shoe sizing system isn’t accurate for those hoping to wear their YakTrax Summit cleats over bulky boots. Additionally, while these are of decent quality and at a fairly inexpensive price point, continuous, everyday use in wet climates may result in rusting or weakening wires.

YakTrax Quick Trax

yaktrax quick trax studded traction shoe bands

YakTrax Quick Trax Review

The Quick Trax traction band is a great solution for anyone looking for a quick fix to slippery conditions. Whether it’s for errands or unexpected outings where you’re just looking to achieve a bit more of a firm grip, these are a very low-cost, easy-to-use option! We recommend them for slick conditions or city use and found that the bands stretched easily over shoes and slimmer boots.


The Quick Trax cleats are perfect for a “slip-on and go” use. They’re ideal for slick conditions and provide a bit of traction without being too bulky or complicated. They cost less than $10.00 and are well worth a try for anyone looking for a better grip during the winter.


These are not intended for repetitive use on rough terrain but more so for outings in the city or very mildly slick conditions. In thick snow, treacherous ice, or uneven, slick terrain, these do not provide enough stability and support.

women getting ready to take hike during winter time in snow

Final Thoughts on Choosing YakTrax Traction Cleats

As you can see from this gear review, overall, Yaktrax is a great brand that makes quality cleats for those looking for an affordable way to get better traction on slippery surfaces.

There are a few different models to choose from, each with its benefits and drawbacks. However, one potential downside is that the spikes on some of the models might not be long enough to provide optimal traction in all conditions.

Depending on where you live and how often the conditions change, you may have to invest in more than one pair.

If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend investing in either the YakTrax Walk or the YakTrax Pro. The Walk design is perfect for walking and basic winter exercise, whereas the Pro is an equally affordable but more heavy-duty option for rougher terrain.

Both have velcro and are easy to put on and come with storage pouches for when not using them.

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