Boa Running Shorts Review

Looking for the perfect pair of running shorts? Boa Running Shorts has got you covered!

Wearing shorts while running offers freedom while you stride and keeps you cool in warmer conditions.

Boa doesn’t just offer quality running shorts; their vibrant colors and bold patterns are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. After all, who says you can’t incorporate your expressive side with your athletic one?

In this Boa Running Shorts review, we’ll be taking a look at some of their unique designs – from cow print half shorts, to some super daring pink compression shorts.

But first – why choose Boa?

Why Choose Boa For Running Shorts?

Boa running shorts review

Boa is one of the most popular brands of running shorts on the market today, and for good reason.

Founded in 2008 with a mission to provide elite performance gear at affordable prices, Boa has quickly become a go-to brand for runners looking for high-quality gear that won’t break the bank.

With a variety of designs and options, there’s something for every runner in the Boa lineup.

Their split shorts are particularly famous, providing maximum freedom of movement through their unique construction. These shorts come in either 1” or 3” sizes – perfect for those who love to run long distances but still want optimum mobility.

Another popular option is their longer 5” shorts and compression shorts; these are perfect for runners seeking optimal support.

Unique Shorts For All Runners

Boa designs shorts for all runners. Whether you’re looking for a compression short or a lightweight option for your daily jog, Boa has a number of popular options that we’ll be looking at below.

Their prices are about average for athletic apparel. You pay for high-quality material and a design that is uniquely you. Boa has dozens of bright, bold, and creative colors and patterns for both male and female athletes to express themselves while they run.

This is one of the things that sets Boa apart from other brands that stick to neutral shades. While Boa does offer more subtle colors, too, their bold patterns are what they’ve become known for.

Overall, Boa running shorts are a comfortable, breathable, and durable option for runners.

But it’s the wild design choices that will naturally be drawing your attention!

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The Best Boa Running Shorts

So how about those funky designs?

Here are our picks for the best Boa Running Shorts:

Boa Elite Split

boa elite split shorts for men and women isolated on white background

Moo-ve over, plain running shorts!

These shorts are designed for speed and feature a sleek, lightweight design that won’t weigh you down as you pick up the pace. The built-in mesh liner provides added support and breathability, while the wacky designs (including this cow print one) add a dash of personality to your running gear.

The lightweight and breathable material won’t slow you down, and the specially designed mesh liner provides support and breathability. These shorts are also available in men’s and in a variety of sizes to fit all runners.

A potential drawback to the Boa Elite is that they may be too lightweight for some runners who prefer a little more coverage.

On the plus side, who doesn’t want to look like a speeding cow?

Boa Half Split Shorts

boa half split shorts for mens isolated on white background

These lightweight men’s shorts are perfect for runners looking to go fast on the trails. The built-in spandex and longer length are supportive but also breathe and flex with your body as you move, allowing for completely comfortable strides with no resistance.

The Half Split shorts are perfect for more modest runners seeking extra coverage without sacrificing comfort. We say modest with tongue in cheek. If you truly want to blend in, you’ll probably want to run away from this design.

An added benefit is that the elastic waistband allows for easy wear, and they are only a few dollars more than the Elite shorts (but you’ll receive shorts with more material) if you’re seeking extra coverage while you run.

If you’re seeking support, a potential drawback would be that these are too free-fitting; a compression short maybe your best option.

Boa Compression Shorts

boa compression shorts for womens in pick color

These women’s shorts provide optimal muscle support during your run. The compression fabric helps reduce muscle fatigue, while the built-in mesh liner provides added breathability. The zippered pocket is perfect for storing essentials on the go, while the reflective details help keep you visible in low-light conditions.

A few benefits to the Boa Compression Shorts are that the compression fabric helps reduce muscle fatigue and the built-in mesh liner provides added breathability. The slightly higher rise adds additional support around the hips and stomach.

The only major drawback about this model is that some runners may find them too tight or may run the risk of purchasing shorts that are too tight and small (which can affect circulation) or shorts that are too large (and will not provide the benefit of compression).

Men’s 5” Shorts

boa mens 5 inches shorts isolated on white background

If you’re looking for a long-distance short, the 5” from Boa is a great option. Featuring a 5″ inseam, these shorts provide ample coverage without sacrificing mobility. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry mile after mile, while the zippered pocket is perfect for storing essentials on the go.

Some benefits of the Boa Distance Shorts include the longer length is perfect for runners seeking more coverage and support. There are also built-in briefs for comfort and support, and reflective details help keep you visible in low-light settings. Additionally, there are 6 pockets (perfect for nutrition or light objects) and a zippered rear pocket to secure small items while you run.

A potential drawback of the Boa Distance Shorts is that they may be too long for runners who prefer the least-restrictive option.

Women’s 5” Siren Shorts

boa womens 5 siren shorts isolated on white background

The women’s 5” Siren Boa short is a perfect option for ladies looking for a bit of compression and length while they run. The high-rise design is quite supportive, and the J-shaped pockets are deep enough to secure small objects while you run.

Aside from the fantastic designs, the 5” Siren shorts are great for light compression and give you a firm, comfortable feel while you run. The logo is visible and reflective, so they keep you safe in lower-light conditions, and they’re available in a variety of sizes.

The only potential drawback with these shorts is that they’re only available in 5 colors (black, 2 bold colors, and 2 prints) and they’re a tighter, higher rise that may feel restrictive for some runners.

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Final Thoughts on Boa Running Shorts

Whether you’re looking for a short to help you pick up the pace or one that will provide ample coverage on your long runs, Boa has a short that’s perfect for you.

With a variety of designs and options, there’s something for every runner in the Boa lineup. And, if you’re a creative, expressive athlete, you’ll love the patterns and bold colors!

If you’re unsure which option to pick (male or female) we recommend either the classic Boa Elite Split short – available for men and women – that allows for optimal speed and flexibility while running.

If these shorts are too light and loose for your liking, our runner-up is the 5” shorts (Men’s 5” Shorts and Women’s 5” Siren Shorts). The 5” shorts offer support without being as tight and restrictive as compression shorts. Best of all, Boa’s shorts are all around the same price point and won’t break the bank.

So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and start running in style with Boa.

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