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How To Choose Your First Marathon: Tips For Beginners, Race Selection Factors

Choosing your first marathon can be as daunting as it is exciting. It’s the first step in a personal journey demanding both physical endurance and mental resilience. Yet, the choice …

Ace Your Next Race: Follow Our Training Guides

Anybody can get started running, but it takes dedication and smart training to see continuous improvements to your Personal Bests. Want to hammer those times and progress through the ranks? Our distance-specific training guides walk you through the necessary preparation for a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and beyond:


The 5K is the perfect challenge for beginner runners – the shortest of the “distance races”. But also one of the toughest to master!


The 10K is a hugely popular race for charity runners and elite athletes alike. Test your ability to combine speed and endurance.

Half Marathon

This race brings a sense of accomplishment similar to a marathon, but with much less training needed!


Less than 1% of us will ever run a marathon. Learn how to finish the iconic 26.2 mile race: a true acid test for all distance runners.

Ultra Marathon

Fastest growing trend in the entire sport of running. Why stop at a marathon when you can race 500 km instead?!


Every smart runner knows that what you do on your ‘off‘ days will define how you perform on your race days.

Our Fitness and Running Guides

Run Faster & Longer

Boost your performance by understanding the Science of Running. We look at everything from proper running form, to cadence, breathing techniques and the physiological requirements of elite running.

Get In Shape

If you are new to running, don’t fret! We all have to start somewhere. Our training plans and beginner shortcuts will get you in to tip-top shape for your first race. Learn how to build your “base fitness” to chase those PBs.

Optimise Your Gear

Want to hit the trails, or run at night in the freezing cold!? From personal reviews of our latest New Shoe Days to round-ups of the best fitness apparel, here’s our two cents on the best gear for optimal performance.

Track Your Fitness

We cover all the latest training and fitness trends – from popular social networks (Strava addiction, anyone?!), to running apps, wearables, and the most effective ways to stay accountable for your Race Day goals.

Useful Tools For Runners

Avoid burnout and get your optimal training paces for easy runs, tempo runs, VO2 Max runs, speed runs and long runs with our training pace calculator.

Got a race coming up soon? Get a predicted finish time and optimise your training plan for a 5K, 10K, 10 mile, half marathon or marathon using our pace chart timings.

Want to measure your current fitness levels? Use our free VO2 Max Calculator to get an assessment of your current VO2 Max score. Track the gains and improve your PBs!

The Team Behind Revel Sports

This is Revel Sports. A blog for runners about beating your best created by a group of three amateur club runners (Alex, Michael, Esme).

We used the conoravirus pandemic as an opportunity to get fit, get outdoors and get running. This blog is our passion project, a way to share our adventure as we discuss all things: running, fitness and tech. Want to beat your personal bests and push yourself to the next level? Let’s get to it!

Alex Randall

Alex Randall @

The lead editor here at Revel Sports. It was Alex’s idea to take our post-club-run chats and try to build a website out of them.

He is responsible for dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s when any of us have something to post. (Basically: it’s all his fault)

A ferocious 5K powerhouse on his day, Alex is known for not understanding the meaning of the term ‘negative split‘. That and his shocking training-wear choices.

Michael Paulson

Michael Paulsen @

Michael is a frequent contributor, which is a miracle to us as he quite literally runs for days with the rest of his time.

An ultra marathon specialist, Mike is the kind of guy who posts a 30K Morning Run on Strava before we’ve had our breakfast and prefixes it with the smart-assery:

“Guess I wasn’t feeling it today.”

He runs like he writes: slow with bits flying everywhere.

Esme Sanders

Esme Sanders  @

Esme is a frequent contributor who manages to stay much more neutral on these pages than she ever manages after a glass of wine at club night.

She is a 5K-10K specialist, albeit one with over twenty half-marathons under her belt.

Esme divides her time between a busy career, two kids, yoga, pilates AND a busier race schedule than anybody else can manage on Team Revel Sports.