LARQ Bottle Review: The Water Bottle Made Famous By Shark Tank

If you’re a Shark Tank fan, you may be familiar with the LARQ bottle — a product of particular use to runners.

The LARQ Water Bottle has hit the market as the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle with a filtration and purification system. This technology promises pure-tasting water with 99% biological contaminant removal. It accomplishes this through its in-house revolutionary Nano Zero filter system and PureVis UV-C LED light technology. 

The LARQ double-walled vacuum water bottle can keep water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. The purification system automatically activates every 2 hours, ensuring that the water in your bottle is clean and hygienic. You can initiate cycles by tapping on the cap. It is also (obviously) a reusable water bottle. 

Instead of grabbing single-use plastic water bottles, the LARQ bottle encourages users to refill their water. This reduces plastic waste AND helps you, the user. This ensures that the water you drink is cleaner and less contaminated than the water found in your generic single-use plastic bottles. 

The LARQ brand sends a portion of its proceeds to the 1% for the Planet, an organization that funds bringing safe drinking water to millions worldwide. It’s easy to stand behind companies with a cause. 

This revolutionary water system was also featured on Shark Tank. You can watch their Shark Tank debut on Season 12, Episode 21. The question is — does the LARQ bottle actually work? And does it deserve a place alongside your essential running gear?

Let’s get a closer look at the technology behind the clean water in our LARQ bottle review!

#1 Self Cleaning Bottle
LARQ Bottle - Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Brilliantly clean water in 60 seconds - Works at the touch of a button and self-cleans by intelligently activating every 2 hours to keep your bottle fresh and stink-free.
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LARQ Bottle Review

LARQ Bottle Review: Does it actually work?

The LARQ Bottle is one of the more unusual innovations we’ve seen in the last few years, but the premise is simple:

If you’re looking for a reusable water bottle that will last several years, without the pain of regular cleaning, then this trend-setting bottle will keep your water in pristine condition and at the right temperature.

Nano Zero Filter Technology

With the Nano Zero filter technology, the LARQ filtration system is independently tested and approved by NSF/ANSI 42, 53, and 401 standards. What does this mean?

In short: It makes water that you can trust. 

The water quality is lab-tested and proven to surpass EPA standards in the 3 main water pollutants of interest: chlorine, lead, and PFAS. But this isn’t all it removes. Say goodbye to other heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, mercury, and cadmium.

The Nano Zero filter is also made from plant-based materials instead of plastics. These filters are designed to make the most pure-tasting water for your coffee, smoothies, tea, and more. 

PureVis UV-C LED Technology

The PureVis UV-C LED technology ​​uses 270-275 nanometers of UV light to neutralize germs. It wipes out up to 99% of bacteria, including E.coli and salmonella. It’s also a chemical-free process, a huge selling point for the LARQ purification system. 

Hydration Tracking

Additionally – for those hydration fanatics out there – you can connect your LARQ water bottle to their digital app on either iOS or Android to track your hydration throughout the day. Do you need that accountability to be sure you’re fueling your body properly? This bottle is for you!

The LARQ app also keeps track of your water filter’s life and reminds you when to order replacement filters for your pitcher. 

LARQ has posted its lab tests and EPA reports on its website. If you are skeptical about how a single water bottle could create pure water, check out their references for a useful illustration.

Is the LARQ Water Bottle for You? 

A self-cleaning water bottle sounds pretty cool, but who’s going to use it? And why?

Well, if you spend a lot of time outside doing activities like hiking, trail running, or camping, this would be an excellent addition to your outdoor gear collection. The LARQ water bottle effectively filters bio-contaminants and viruses that could harm your body’s systems. 

Admittedly, it’s not what we’d call a performance bottle for trail runners. It’s chunky and will take up a lot of room in a hydration vest.

There are two purification modes to choose from in the LARQ bottle: Normal Mode (tap once) and Adventure Mode (tap twice). Adventure Mode has a 3x increase in UV-C dosage, promising 99%+ removal of germs and odor-causing bacteria. 

The LARQ technology team brought in third-party labs to put their products to the test. During testing, the LARQ Nano Zero filtration system effectively removed at least 99% of the following contaminants: lead, chlorine, DEET, Atenolol, and a dozen other chemicals. 

The LARQ Nano Zero filter passed all EPA standards with flying colors, most notably in chlorine, lead, and PFAS. All testing met NSF/ANSI 42, 53, and 401 standards.

LARQ Water Bottle in its packaging

The full LARQ Bottle Filtered Filtration Performance Report is posted on their website. For more information (or not-so-light reading), give it a look

In Normal Mode, the charge of the LARQ bottle should last 1 to 2 months, based on up to 4 cycles per day. In Adventure Mode, the charge lasts about 10 to 12 days. A low battery indicator light lets you know when it’s time to charge up.

The LARQ brand suggests putting your water bottle in Travel Mode on long travel days. This locks your bottle, so you don’t accidentally click the purification cycle button by bumping it against things throughout your travel day. You can activate this function by holding down the button for five seconds. 

If you’re going to put sugary drinks in your bottle, you should hand-wash the bottle instead of relying on the purification cycles. The purification cycles are most effective in cleansing water. 

Upgrades to the LARQ Bottle

There are many useful (and stylish) upgrades that you can add to your LARQ products to fit your needs as a lover of the outdoors, a hydration fanatic, or an individual that likes to hydrate in style. 

LARQ Bottle Movement 

Larq bottle movement

This single-walled water bottle is lighter (due to only having one wall). It is also less expensive, has larger sizes (24 oz and 32 oz), and features a removable silicone sleeve that helps prevent the bumps and scratches of everyday use. 

You click a button at the top of your bottle to do a 60-second hygiene cycle. The bottle automatically cleanses itself every 2 hours (both the inside and the outside of the bottle) through UV-C LED technology that destroys the DNA of biological contaminants.

This upgrade isn’t suggested for hot or cold drinks, as it is single-walled. 

LARQ Sleeve

The LARQ sleeve is a trendy neoprene sleeve with a vegan faux-leather strap that hugs your bottle. It’s helpful for those moments when your hands are just a little too full, and you need to hook your water bottle on your purse, backpack, or bag.

It also effectively protects your LARQ bottle from bumps and scratches as you move throughout your day. The sleeve is just as well-designed as the bottle itself.

LARQ Bottle Movement Silicone Sleeve 

The silicone sleeve is a nice add-on to make setting your bottle on harder surfaces much quieter. No one wants to be the person with the water bottle fumble in a quiet coffee shop!

It also protects your bottle from scratches and denting when your water bottle decides to take a nosedive to the floor. It also makes gripping it much simpler, thanks to the non-slip texture of the silicone.

LARQ Gift Sets

If you want to invest in the LARQ brand, consider bundling items in their gift sets to save money and share the clean-water love. There are over a dozen bundles on the LARQ website – below are just a few crowd favorites. 

Match Made in Heaven 

The Match Made in Heaven is your starter set for clean water in your home and on the go. Get started with the LARQ Pitcher PureVis and LARQ Bottle PureVis. You also receive a complimentary travel sleeve and advanced filter. What’s not heavenly about that?

Hydro Homies 

Are you looking for a way to seal the deal in your friendship? The Hydro Homies gift set includes the three best-selling LARQ water bottle shades and three neoprene travel sleeves. You can choose from either the 17 oz or 25 oz sizes. This is not a deal to leave on the shelf.

International Duo 

Whether you’re hopping on a plane or hitting the trails, this set will set you up for all your clean-water needs. Including two LARQ bottles and replacement filters – gift one to your running partner or travel buddy and hit the road! 

Specification for LARQ Bottles

LARQ Bottle FilteredLARQ Bottle PureVis™
Sizes Available17 / 25 oz17, 25 oz
Volume14.5 / 22.5 oz13.5 / 17 oz
Height10 / 11 inches9.6 / 10.4 inches
Diameter2.7 / 3 inches2.7 / 3 inches
Charging time1 hour1 hour
Run time (average)10 – 30 days10 – 30 days
TechnologyNano ZeroPureVis™
ColorsBlack, whiteBlue, black, mint, white, pink
BuildDouble wallDouble wall

Is The LARQ Water Bottle Worth It?

If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, the LARQ Bottle is a trustworthy addition to your water bottle cabinet.

You can walk or run in freedom, knowing that the water you’re drinking as you are out and about is pure, hygienic, and of the highest quality on the market (even if you had to refill your bottle in a park water fountain or local river!).

It can be purchased directly through LiveLARQ, or it’s available to buy on Amazon.

#1 Self Cleaning Bottle
LARQ Bottle - Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Brilliantly clean water in 60 seconds - Works at the touch of a button and self-cleans by intelligently activating every 2 hours to keep your bottle fresh and stink-free.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/12/2024 02:44 pm GMT
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