13 Best Running Podcasts: Perfect Listening For Your Long Run!

Looking for the best running podcasts to accompany your next long run?

Despite forcing you outside and away from your Xbox, running provides numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. For starters, the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other can lead to a wonderful sense of fulfillment. After all, feeling down about yourself is hard when those hamstrings get such a good workout.

It’s not all peaches and sardines, though. You see, while running is certainly good for improving your fitness levels and cardiovascular health, it’s not recommended if you suffer from intrusive thoughts and a troubling mindset. The mind tends to wander when it doesn’t have anything to occupy it, and being left alone with your thoughts is a frightening prospect. 

Luckily, you never have to face your demons alone again with this collection of running podcasts.

Some of them are hosted by famous runners with years of experience putting one foot in front of the other (impressive!). Others are hosted by health gurus and similarly under-qualified professionals. 

Credentials aside, these podcasts for runners are entertaining and enlightening in their own right, and they’ll make for valuable thought companions on your next run.

What Are The Best Podcasts For Runners?

What are the best podcasts for runners?
A guide to the best running podcasts

Here’s our pick of 13 of the best running podcasts to enjoy on your next run!

Rich Roll

Rich Roll running podcast


The two people who consistently listen to running podcasts will no doubt recognize our first choice immediately. The Rich Roll podcast consistently ranks first place on lists similar to ours, and we’re nothing if not staunch supporters of traditionalism.

Jokes aside, what makes the Rich Roll podcast great is that – despite being a running podcast – Rich himself makes for an interesting case study. He often veers off into different interesting topics with his eclectic collection of guests. Listening to his podcast will stimulate your mind while you train your body. 

Really, this podcast’s inclusion on our list was a no-brainer, and you’d do well to give it a listen on your next morning run.

Half Step Pod

Half Step Pod


There’s nothing more inspirational than listening to an Olympic gold medalist who’s made it farther in life than most people your age speak about how to better improve your training regime. Maybe after enough episodes have aired, the Half Step Pod will have fostered a new generation of Olympic super-soldiers capable of traveling faster than the speed of light.

Either way, the Half Step Pod provides some valuable insight into the life of an Olympic athlete. The man in question, Grant Fisher, has some truly helpful suggestions, which he discusses with his co-host, Connor Lane. Naturally, most of the topics they cover are specifically related to training and racing, but occasionally the pair will interview a member of the Bowerman Track Club, one of the fastest running clubs in the world.

If you have any notions of running professionally, the Half Step Pod is for you.

Ten Junk Miles

Ten Junk Miles podcast


Sometimes, when training for a marathon or (literally) running away from your responsibilities, you need something to take your mind off of the intense strain burning in your calves. When that happens, it helps to listen to something a touch lighter than what you may be used to.

Enter the Ten Junk Miles podcast. It’s a running podcast for funny people. Imagine being joined by your ten wittiest friends for your Friday evening drinks rotation – we mean, Bible study group. That’s pretty much the Ten Junk Miles podcast in a nutshell, only instead of toasting the week or pieces of scripture, the group mainly just crack wise.

The show is structured in ten 10-minute segments. It’s a good idea to run for the duration of each segment, then take a break when they end. If that’s not enough good content for you, the Ten Junk Miles podcast also has bonus episodes where the hosts interview various guests for more valuable, witty insight.

Choose Strong (Sally McRae)

Choose Strong running podcast


Only three podcasts in, and we’ve already made several jokes at the expense of the various athletes who host these shows. But we’re going to exercise some restraint here for our next one: Sally McRae’s Choose Strong podcast.

All the athletes we’ve discussed thus far are very impressive in their own rights, but Sally McRae deserves a special mention for not only being a superstar pro athlete but also a mother, wife, and business owner. She’s a woman of many hats, to be sure, and all we can do is tip ours to her. 

Despite running a household, running a business, and simply running, Sally still makes the time to discuss several important topics with her listeners. It’s an inspirational podcast you can easily turn to when you need a good pick-me-up. Choose strength over fear – that’s what Sally McRae is all about.

Trail Runner Nation

Train runner nation podcast


Despite what some may tell you, running is not only restricted to urbanites. In fact, we’ve heard that running is practiced by all kinds of people worldwide, some of whom may not have immediate access to amenities such as “roads” and “pavements.”

Trail running is just as popular as other forms of running, so it’s only fair that experienced trail runners get a podcast of their own. That’s where Trail Runner Nation comes in.

Co-hosts Scott Warr and Don Freeman dive deep into the wild world of trail running. Their topics range from near-death experiences on the trail to historic trail-run performances. Indeed, the people they interview – from superhuman athletes to nature conservationists – have plenty of interesting things to say, making this podcast perfect listening material for those who prefer the backcountry to the highway. 

Jog On with Harry Morgan


For some people, running is nothing more than an escape, a chance to get out of the house and embark on an adventure – around the block and back again. For those people, podcasts about training regimens and workout routines simply won’t cut it. 

Fortunately, the Jog On podcast provides an adventurous alternative. While it’s certainly not the most technically in-depth by any means, what host Harry Morgan provides is a warm, fuzzy feeling that’s all about the love of running and adventure. It’s a way to not feel so alone when you’re on your run, and Harry and co’s energy is infectious. 

I’ll Have Another

I'll Have Another, podcast for runners


Speaking of feeling alone, running can sometimes seem like a lonely endeavor, especially if all of your friends aren’t as keen as you are to get off the couch. And unless you’re competing, your only company is likely to be your annoying neighbor (which, to be fair, should incentivize you to run even faster).

Luckily, you don’t need to make friends in real life to experience a community of runners. The I’ll Have Another podcast seeks to bring the entire running community to your pocket as host Lindsey Hein interviews everyone from star athletes to your average Joe or Jane. The interviews are fairly casual and laid-back, just like chatting with friends.


iRunFar podcast


For those who started running to get away from their friends in the first place, we’ve got a podcast for you. 

iRunFar is kind of like the evening news but for running. It’s not as personable as others on our list, though its hosts do know how to keep a conversation going, at the very least. This particular podcast is more focused on the coverage of trail races and ultramarathon events, so you can expect plenty of candid interviews with competitors.

See also: our guide to the best ultra-running books.

Science of Ultra

Science of ultra running podcasts


For some people, running isn’t simply an excuse to get out of the house and keep fit. It’s also a means of self-punishment. 

That’s right: some people think running more than 26.2 miles is a good idea. Naturally, this particular breed of runner has a different mindset to most mundane humans such as us and thus requires different stimulation to keep going.

Enter the Science of Ultra, a podcast hosted by a genuine, bona fide Ph.D., one Shawn Bearden, who examines the science behind running ultramarathons. Episodes of the podcast typically discuss how endurance athletes should eat, sleep, and train to be successful. Occasionally the good doctor will interview some of his colleagues for an even more comprehensive look at the mechanics and chemistry that make up those beasts known as ultramarathoners.


Keeping Track sport podcast


Unfortunately, the world of sports and athletics is often dominated by their male inhabitants. While these helicopter-dancing athletes certainly deserve the accolades they’ve received, it’s important to also recognize the women who form just as large a part of the sporting world as their male counterparts.

Enter Keeping-Track, a show hosted by Olympians Aysia Montano, Molly Huddle, and Roisin McGettigan. That’s right – three Olympic athletes for the price of one podcast. 

Episodes of the podcast are released monthly, meaning you, unfortunately, won’t be able to tune into them every week. However, the light the show shines on the stunning women in the track and field community is worth the wait. Moreover, the three hosts and their guests often delve into important issues surrounding the sport, which could be just the food your brain needs to keep energized on your next run.

Citius Mag

Citius Mag Podcast


Running is a life-long obsession for many; for those people, there’s nothing more holy than the fabled Bowerman Track Club. As mentioned earlier, it’s one of the world’s fastest, most prestigious running clubs, and most runners would bite their neighbor’s ear off for a chance to gain admission.

Fortunately, thanks to the Citius Mag podcast, you can safely settle for the next best thing without worrying about criminal assault charges. On his weekly podcast, host Chris Chavez (whose name you may recognize from Sports Illustrated) dives deep into the nitty-gritty of the running world and gives listeners a glimpse into the revered Bowerman Track Club, along with many other topics, including race splits and NCAA regulations. 

It’s the perfect podcast for running geeks and obsessives.


Hurdle podcast


We’ve all faced challenges in our lives which may have – at one point – seemed insurmountable. Perhaps you’re facing one right now, and while the dragon may seem impossible to slay for the time being, it’s important to remember that you’re never alone. 

That’s pretty much the main selling point for Hurdle, a semi-weekly podcast hosted by personal trainer Emily Abbate, who interviews an eclectic array of guests, from entrepreneurs to wellness experts. Each guest has a story of personal triumph to share with you, which could be just what you need to motivate yourself on your daily run. 

No Meat Athlete

No Meath Athlete Radio


Our last choice of podcast is a vegan-friendly option that proves you don’t need meat to run a marathon. 

The fittingly-titled No Meat Athlete podcast seeks to teach listeners about the virtues of a herbivorous lifestyle. It’s actually incredible how cleaning up your eating habits (even if you don’t completely cut out meat) can improve your running. 

What’s great about this podcast is that it’s also backed by a wealth of resources, including a comprehensive website and even a self-help book. With daily articles and numerous blog updates, No Meat Athlete is the perfect way to get in touch with the vegan in all of us.

Your Favorite Running Podcasts

Running need never be a lonely endeavor again with these podcasts.

We did our best to pick something for everyone, but with so many great podcasts out there, it’s impossible to include them all. We encourage you to go out there and find more, but don’t procrastinate for too long! There’s a block that needs running around, and it’s not going to do it by itself.

Let us know your favorite running podcasts in the comments below!

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