20 Best Conqueror Virtual Races: Try These Iconic Running Routes!

You may have caught wind of the Conqueror races during the lockdown phases of the Covid-19 pandemic. In an otherwise isolating time, Conqueror created a virtual running and walking community. Over 100,000 people have joined the Conqueror challenge movement from all corners of the world. 

The best part of joining the Conqueror challenges isn’t earning medals and t-shirts (even though that’s pretty cool). No, it’s the fact that the Conqueror brand encourages community and physical fitness – as each runner crushes their fitness goals, Conqueror gives back to the community. 

Conqueror uses some of the entry funds to make a real difference in our world. They’ve partnered with the Eden Project and Plastic Bank to plant trees and prevent plastic bottles from entering our oceans at no extra cost to you. All you have to do is keep moving! 

So far, through the Conqueror virtual races, the Eden Project has planted 7,573,071 trees, and the Plastic Bank has removed 16,625,090 plastic water bottles from our oceans. That is something to stand (or run) behind. But what exactly is this challenge about, how does it work, and which challenge should you do? Let’s find out!

How A Conqueror Challenge Works

Best Conqueror Virtual Races & Challenges

The Conqueror challenges are many different “routes” that you can take on your journey to wellness while giving back to the community. Some routes are short (less than 70 miles), while others are extra long distances (a couple of them are over 2,000 miles!).

If you’ve ever wanted to run an ultra marathon, well… now you can try it, virtually.

You can try your luck at one of their shorter challenges – like the English Channel virtual challenge (21 miles) or Inca Trail virtual challenge (26.2 miles) to get a feel for how the challenge works and get your body into the process.

Seasoned runners can choose from longer distances to test their endurance and put their bodies to the test. Longer routes include the Camino de Santiago (480 miles) or the toughest – the Pacific Crest Trail (2,485 miles). And, if you’re really extreme, you can buy bundles containing multiple challenges. 

All the routes can be found on their website – go look

Once you choose your route, you sign up for the virtual package you want to commit to. One of the packages includes only a medal, while the other includes the medal and apparel. If you decide to order apparel, it will be shipped to you first, and the medal will be shipped once you have completed the challenge. No cheating! 

There is also the option to run with a team if you’re not much of a solo runner. Each team member’s miles will advance the team further along the route. This would be especially perfect for the LOTR routes – making a fellowship pact may be just the thing to get you across the finish line. The only drawback to running with a team is that each member must purchase the entry package for their miles to count. You can also purchase a challenge as a gift for that special runner in your life who needs a new goal to be excited about.

Once your route is established, you set your timeframe. This decision is based on your goals and how much time you have available to run or walk. You can choose your start date and finish line date – spanning anywhere from just one week to 18 months. You can change your timeline anytime if life gets busy and you need to slow down. 

And now, for the big moment! It’s your turn to get out there and get active. Get started with your preferred distance-based activities (running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc.). If you don’t do many distance-based activities, other movements like baseball, boxing, yoga, and CrossFit (to name a few) can also be calculated as a distance advancement. 

As you begin exercising towards your goal, you log your progress into the user-friendly Conqueror app. You can manually enter your distance for the day, or you can sync your data to share across platforms if you have any of the following apps or fitness trackers: 

  • Strava
  • Fitbit
  • Runkeeper
  • Google Fit
  • Apple Health
  • Apple Watch
  • Map My Ride
  • Map My Walk
  • Map My Run

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even sign up for several challenges simultaneously and log your daily distance to each challenge. 

Once you cross your (virtual) finish line, you can celebrate your achievement with a finisher’s medal! All you need to provide is a shipping address, and your medal will be delivered to your front doorstep – you’ve earned the bragging rights, so be sure to display it!

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or a seasoned running junkie; you are welcome with open arms to participate in any of the Conqueror challenges. Why not virtually travel the world while accomplishing your fitness goals? 

Happy trails, Conqueror!

What to Expect

A list of popular Conqueror virtual races and challenges

Virtual runs and challenges are one of the hottest new trends in the running community.

But if you haven’t done one before, what should you expect?

You’re about to sign up for your first challenge and are filled with excitement as if you were about to hop on a plane to see the exciting Conqueror challenge location with your own two eyes. What’s next? 

As you’re signing up, you must decide a few things: 

  1. Do you want the medal only, or do you want the medal and the accompanying apparel for your challenge? 
  2. Will you be running solo or with a team?
  3. What timeline suits you best? (can choose anywhere from 1 week to 18 months)

Once you’ve signed up for your first Conqueror challenge, it’s time to get out there and put your shoes on the pavement, goggles to the water, bicycle tires to the road, whichever – or all! One of the really cool things about the Conqueror challenge is that you don’t have to restrict your logged miles to running – you can swim, cycle, walk, or even do yoga to cross the finish line.

Each time you move your body – whether it’s a run around the neighborhood or a savasana in your local yoga studio, you’ll log that time/distance in one of 2 places. If you already have a fitness tracker, you can sync it with the Conqueror database, and it’ll automatically log activities for you. If you don’t have a compatible fitness tracker, you can manually log your miles on their platform (iOS and Android compatible). Keep plugging away on those miles, and soon you’ll be crossing your virtual finish line!

Plot your virtual race journey

You also get to choose your cause. Conqueror partners with initiatives around the globe, specifically movements protecting the environment. 2 of the partner organizations partnered with Conqueror are the Eden Project and Plastic Bank. 

Each time you complete 20% of any regular Conqueror challenge, a tree is planted through Eden Project or 10 plastic water bottles are stopped from entering the ocean through Plastic Bank. The app lets you choose the cause that speaks most to your convictions. By the end of your route, you will have contributed to planting 5 trees or removing 50 plastic water bottles from the ocean – at no extra cost to you! Who knew your daily run could make such a difference to someone other than you?

Each time you pass a certain milestone on your route, you will also receive a custom postcard. The postcards you’ll receive in the mail contain specific information about the location you are “running in.” Snail mail may be slow, but you sure won’t be as you’re racking up those miles! 

Once you finish your challenge, all your miles have been logged, and your race is complete – celebrate! Conqueror will send you your beautiful challenge-specific medal (delivery takes between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on what part of the world you live in). 

Your next step is simple: sign up for another challenge, and get moving! 

20 Best Conqueror Virtual Races

Now for the list you have been waiting for: the 20 best Conqueror virtual races! You really can’t go wrong, and any of these challenges and their accompanying medals will be a conversation piece for years to come.

Here are our favorites!

Angkor Wat (20 miles)

Angkor Was virtual run
An example Conqueror Virtual Run, the Angkor Wat route

If you are tying up your running shoes for the first time or are unsure if this challenge hype is for you, the Angkor Wat virtual challenge may be the one for you! The shortest of all the challenges, this route takes you through the ruins of the Khmer civilization outside of Siem Riep, Cambodia. It even features a street view to make you feel like you are running among the ruins and monkeys! 

Marathon to Athens (26.2 miles)

The Marathon to Athens just feels so right – this route takes you along the legendary path of the first marathon in the streets of Greece. This virtual challenge will show you a street view of local spots along the way – from local wildlife to attractions. You’ll feel like you are running alongside the original marathoners.

Berlin Wall (30 miles) 

An homage to a rich and symbolic part of our world’s history, this journey of the Berlin Wall from Waltersdorfer Chaussee to Hermsdorf cuts through the center of Berlin, Germany. On this route, you can virtually witness the powerful symbol that once meant division but now demonstrates freedom and unity. For any history buffs or people that love a touch of our world’s rich past, this challenge is for you.

Mount Everest (40 miles)

Summiting Mount Everest may be on most of our bucket lists, but many of us don’t have the means to climb this incredible mountain. This route features a surreal, enveloping street view up to Everest Base Camp, but unfortunately, nothing beyond that. With the Mount Everest virtual challenge, you will “trek” 40 miles to the peak of the world, Mount Everest’s summit – the highest point on our planet. Now that is an accomplishment! 

Mount Fuji (46 miles)

The Mount Fuji challenge takes you 46 miles to Mount Fuji’s epic summit, the highest volcano in Japan! This route also includes six postcards that will be sent to you along the way to document 6 different milestones along your journey. If you sign up for this challenge, watch your step! It could get hot! What better reason to walk or run a bit faster, right?! 

Giza Pyramids (46 miles)

This 46-mile route will take you through the city of Cairo to the foot of one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Great Pyramid of Giza. Local spots will be unlocked as you travel across the Egyptian desert, and with a street view covering part of the route, you will be immersed in the ancient times of pharaohs and scarabs!

Mount Kilimanjaro (60 miles)

The Mount Kilimanjaro virtual challenge takes you through gorgeous landscapes across the savannah and up to the peak of the tallest mountain in Africa – Kilimanjaro. It also comes with an absolutely stunning medal unlike any other! It’s definitely worth a look if you enjoy everything African. 

Great Barrier Reef (100 miles or 1,317 miles)

Have you dreamt of snorkeling across the Great Barrier Reef one day but can’t stomach the long flight or the money it would take to get there? The Great Barrier Reef challenge brings you along the entirety of the largest reef system in the world. Home to over 9,000 known species, you don’t want to miss out on this quest. You can choose between two distances, 100 or 1,317 miles, and both are simply spectacular.

Côte d’Azur (100 miles)

The Côte d’Azur virtual challenge will take you on a journey along the Mediterranean Coast through the French Riviera. This coastal route boasts fabulous beaches, villages, and towns. It’s the perfect place to tie up your running shoes and enjoy the scenery. Maybe it’s about time you took that vacation to Europe… virtually? 

The Shire (145 miles)

Are you a LOTR fan? Then this challenge is for you! Take the One Ring, the Precious, across Middle Earth from the Shire to Mount Doom and destroy it before it is too late! The entire journey comprises five challenges (you can buy the bundle at a discounted rate). Finishing one challenge will unlock the next. The five challenges are The Shire, The Fellowship, The Mines of Moria, The Eye of Sauron, and Mordor. 

Great Wall (161 miles or 2,183 miles)

The Great Wall virtual challenge is available in two distances – 161 miles, which is suggested for walking and running, and 2,183 miles, which is ideal for cycling. This route will take you across the longest man-made structure ever created: the Great Wall of China. The 161-mile route encompasses the best-preserved part of the Great Wall, while the 2,183-mile stretches across China from east to west.

Transylvania (231 miles) 

Are you up for this spooky challenge? The Transylvania virtual challenge takes you back in history with pit stops in medieval towns, fortified churches, and historic castles, which are all swathed in legends and mysteries. This route is also not short on storytelling and legends – do you think you can handle it?

Saint Francis Way (312 miles)

The Saint Francis Way drifts through the peaceful Italian countryside on an ancient Roman road from Florence to the Vatican. Traditionally, this Camino route is a pilgrimage of sorts. Even if you can’t get a plane ticket to Italy, the Saint Francis Way virtual challenge may be an opportunity for you to experience your own version of the green heart of Italy. 

Golden Triangle (476 miles) 

The Golden Triangle virtual challenge will take you from the capital of India – Delhi – to Agra and Jaipur. Upon signing up for this challenge, you will see breathtaking pieces of history, including the infamous Taj Mahal. Learn more about Indian culture while you get those extra steps in through the Golden Triangle virtual challenge! 

Camino de Santiago (480 miles)

The Camino de Santiago (also referred to as The Way of Saint James) is a pilgrimage across several countries that leads to the shrine of the apostle Saint James. Taking on the Camino de Santiago virtual challenge will take you through France, Spain, and Portugal to walk the first Cultural Route designated by the Council of Europe. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the Spanish countryside in this challenge!

Length of the UK (1,084 miles)

Walking the length of the UK is no small task, and neither is the Length of the UK virtual Challenge! This route follows the path from Land’s End to John O’Groats. A street view is available the entire length of the challenge, so you really get the feel of what it looks like when doing your workouts. Even though you aren’t in the UK, this challenge will transport you there in seconds.

Appalachian Trail (1,968 miles)

The Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking trail in the world, stretching through 14 states in the US, from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Katahdin, Maine. The Appalachian Trail virtual challenge will take you along the entire 1,968-mile route through the Appalachian Mountain Range. This is no small accomplishment, even for the most seasoned hiker – and you have the opportunity to “hike the AT” at your fingertips! 

Route 66 (2,280 miles)

The Route 66 virtual challenge travels the most iconic road network in the world – Route 66. With all-inclusive access to the street view, you can see every inch of Route 66 as if you were driving it yourself. For anyone that loves the old red, white, and blue – this challenge is for you! Just look at the medal you’ll get in the mail! What a winner!

Pacific Crest Trail (2,485 miles) 

The longest distance of the Conqueror challenges, the Pacific Crest Trail virtual challenge takes you along the 2,485 miles of the famous Pacific Crest Trail. You’ll traverse the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges and cross some of the most outstanding terrain you’ve ever seen. From the US/Mexico border up through British Columbia, Canada – this is no walk in the park, even though it is a walk in a park. You know what we mean!

Conqueror 2023 (Custom)

Committing to one of the preset distances may feel overwhelming or may not present enough of a challenge. If that is the case, then the Conqueror 2023 virtual challenge is the perfect route for you. Whether you aren’t sure what your time commitment availability is or you are just trying out running for the first time, you can choose any distance you want. The Conqueror 2023 medal is just as worthy of celebrating as any of the others. Go for it!

Our Verdict: Give Virtual Racing A Try!

Although looking at a list of 20 amazing Conqueror challenges may not persuade you to sign up, you need to at least check out the Conqueror virtual challenge website and look at the medals they send in the mail upon completion. Hanging one of those gorgeous pieces of artwork around your neck or in your living room may make getting up a little earlier in the morning to move your body worth it. 

And if you’re committed to the cause and are ready to sign up for multiple challenges, Conqueror offers bundles! See you on the virtual trail!

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