Overpronation vs Underpronation: What Is The Difference?

It’s easy to get hooked on running. We all come to love the start-line adrenaline, downhill thrills, and the reward of the finish line. But what starts as straightforward shuffling can quickly descend into technicality, as shoe salespeople and podiatrists babble about foot posture. Overpronation and supination (underpronation) are two types of foot landing tendencies. … Read more

How To Pace A 10K Run

How to pace a 10k run

The 10K distance is ideal for many competitive runners: at 6.2 miles, it is double the distance of a 5K but less than half the distance of a half marathon. As a result, almost anyone can train for it without devoting every weekend to lengthy runs. However, finding your pace for a 10K run is … Read more

Stairmaster vs Treadmill: Which Is Better for Cardio?

Stairmaster vs Treadmill

It is well known that a regular dose of cardio is an essential part of every fitness regime. However, deciding how to squeeze the suggested 150 minutes of moderate exercise into your week can prove tricky. When it comes to cardio, does the Stairmaster or the treadmill reign supreme? Running is just unbeatable for a … Read more

How To Prepare For 5K Race Day

Your 5K race is coming up soon. You’ve sweated it out while doing the bulk of your training; now use the final days and hours to get yourself race-ready and raring to crush your running goals.   When preparing for a 5K race, consider all aspects that can affect your performance at the event. What you … Read more

Is Running 5 Miles A Day Good For You?

Running is a thrilling and pleasurable activity that can improve your overall lifestyle, especially when it becomes an everyday habit. While some runners run a mile or two every other day, others like to dedicate themselves to a five-mile run daily. However, does running five miles every day really work wonders as many people boast? … Read more

10 Best Cardio Alternatives To Running

When we mention the word cardio, it tends to trigger the image of running instantly for most people. But what should you do when the outside weather doesn’t cooperate, or it’s just too darn early or late for a sane person to put on their joggers to go for a run? What cardio alternatives are … Read more

Should I Run If My Legs Are Sore?

Sore Legs When Running

Feeling a twinge and wondering: “Should I run if my legs are sore?” Firstly, it’s good to be cautious! It’s hard to know when the pain in your legs is simple muscle soreness or when it means it’s time to take a break. Knowing when to push yourself to see results and when to ease … Read more

Running With A Cold: Is It Safe?

Running with a cold

As cold and flu season approaches, you may wonder if having a cold will interfere with your training. In a word, yes – feeling ill can keep you from going for your regular run. But not all colds are the same, so it’s important to know when being active with a cold might actually help … Read more

How To Pace A 5K Run

5k racing through the crowd

The 5K is one of the most popular race distances in the running world. It’s also one of the most challenging to pace. The 5km distance brings together runners from a variety of different fields. It’s the meeting point where you’ll find 1500m and 3000m runners (the speed merchants) – as well as those who … Read more

Why Is My Heart Rate High On Easy Runs?

Why Is My Heart Rate High On Easy Runs?

You’ve set off at a slow pace and you’re breathing comfortably. You complete a nice 5K in a relaxed time and your body feels like it could go again. But wait… you check your Strava data, and something doesn’t look quite right. “Why is my heart rate high on easy runs?” If you see an … Read more