How To Dry Running Shoes: The Fastest Ways

How to dry running shoes

Wondering how to dry running shoes? Nobody can deny that damp shoes are an unwelcome aftermath of running in wet conditions. It can happen in heavy downpours, at the beach, or because of an unanticipated puddle on the street. While you can’t always avoid soggy shoes, you can rest easy knowing that the next time … Read more

What Is Dri-FIT Clothing?

High-end sportswear brands have recently begun to market their Dri-Fit apparel, promising that it does everything from keeping you cool to limiting sweatiness and even boosting your performance. This seems like an athlete’s dream. But what exactly is Dri-Fit clothing, and how does it carry out its innovation? Dri-Fit is a blend of polyester fibers … Read more

What Are Compression Shorts Good For?

Wondering, “what are compression shorts good for“? You might have seen runners rocking them at your local club, or cyclists on the road wearing these skintight shorts. Compression shorts are similar to spandex type shorts. They are a stretchy and form fitting material that creates compression in the area covered by the shorts, mainly thighs, … Read more

The Best Sugoi Bike Shorts Compared

Sugoi is one of several brands to offer specialist apparel to cyclists and triathlon athletes. It has built a reputation over the years for great quality products with excellent functionality. Sugoi bike shorts are by far their most popular product line. In fact, bike shorts are the product that made Sugoi famous. Way back in … Read more

What Are Weighted Vests Good For?

Weighted vests are specialized fitness garments worn over the upper torso. They are typically used for strength training, particularly when doing high-intensity workouts like CrossFit, circuit training, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The weights inside of the vest are used to increase the overall weight that a person’s body must carry and/or lift during an … Read more